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Conquest Chronicles Links for June 5th

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Lets get to it!!

Some DeMar DeRozan News

Warriors loaded at wing, but still looking?
The Warriors are looking hard at DeMar DeRozan

WARRIORS: 2009 Draft Interviews - DeMar DeRozan
DeMar DeRozan is interviewed by

Sometimes you just gotta laugh...

Tim Floyd is now losing players to Islamabad - The Dagger
This is played out every where. Might as well have some fun with it!!

Leinart works out with Brady...

Leinart worked out with Brady
Matt Leinart sought help from an unlikely source in an even more unlikely place. Whatever works...fine with me.

Pac-10 News

Pac-10 football: The state of the round-robin schedule | College Sports Hotline
Pac-10 meetings take place this weekend in San Francisco

Granny Holtz at it again...

Holtz predicts 11-1 for Irish with no mention of USC - The Trojan Empire
Lou Holtz forgot to take his medicine

So is Gregg Doyel...

Gator damnation: Stays in jails show Urban's way fails
Gregg Doyel turns his anger towards his alma mater....Shocking!


Forcier's press release - Inside UCLA with Brian Dohn
Sounds like someone is trying to fill up their "ME" wall...

And the feel good story of the day...

5 teens share journey after high school - The Elkhart Project
Elkhart, Ind. native picks USC over ND...neat story