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Kevin O'Neill still has some friends in Tucson!

Here is an interesting story from the OCR.

I walked into Bob Dobbs Bar and Grill - a classic neighborhood tavern in Tucson, about four blocks east of the Arizona campus - and explained to the bartender why I was there: to talk to some die-hards about Kevin O’Neill.

“He’s my boyfriend’s father,” she replied.

I should have known. Despite its 500,000 or so residents, Tucson is an amazingly small town, where everybody knows everybody.

The bartender was a little too close to O’Neill to discuss him objectively, so she pointed me to the patio, where a group consisting mostly of middle-aged men was enjoying after-work drinks and smokes. A brown awning blocked the late-afternoon sun and made it tolerable to sit outside in the 100-degree heat.

They were all big Arizona basketball fans, of course, and they all expressed the same sentiment about O’Neill:

That USC just hired a very good coach and a great guy who will work tirelessly to build a winning program.

Finally, some good news! Will wonders ever cease?