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Conquest Chronicles links for June 23rd

Lots of little things out there today...

USC Football Keeping Up with Pete Carroll
Interview on Fox Sports

USC's Mitch Mustain dealing with academic eligibility issues | Los Angeles Times
This is a bit disconcerting

Smith appeal denied by CU transfer committee - Big 12 - ESPN

USC Basketball

Cantu returns to Central Coast for annual camp, awaits fate at USC
Need to keep an eye on Cantu...

How wil l USC hoops do in the NBA Draft?

Jamison Picks DeRozan - Wizards Insider

Lakers should have USC's Taj Gibson high on draft list | Los Angeles Times
Taj to the Lakers?

NBA Draft preview: USC Trojans (Part I)

NBA Draft preview: USC Trojans (Part II)

Mike Garrett continues to draw scrutiny

USC's Mike Garrett says his record speaks for itself; agreed | Adam Rose
A lot of people are looking at Mike Garrett and his "coaching" record

Former Player News...

Clay Matthews News
Packers notes: Matthews willing to wait

Team Needs: Backup Point Guard - CelticsBlog
Some interesting thoughts on Gabe Pruitt in the comments

Stais Boseman arrested for allegedly taking part in carjacking -


2009 Preview: Rating The Defensive Ends | Heismanpundit
HP has a nice series of players to watch by position in 2009

Money Players: "One and done" is never done
Nice write-up on one-and-done's

Enjoy your day!