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Mike Garrett to "interview" Theus today.

Both the LA Times and ESPN are reporting that USC AD Mike Garrett will be meeting with Reggie Theus today to discuss becoming the next head coach for USC hoops. That this is being reported to me signals that this is pretty much a done deal. Why announce you are discussing it when everyone knows you already made contact. This seems like a formality...the job is his if he wants it.

From The LAT...

Reggie Theus, former Sacramento Kings coach, will interview for the USC men's basketball job on Thursday, according to a source familiar with the program.

Theus will meet with Athletic Director Mike Garrett at USC. He is expected to accept the job if offered.

Pretty much a formailty to me.

From ESPN...

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Theus is scheduled to meet with USC athletic director Mike Garrett Thursday on campus.

Theus would fit Garrett's trend of hiring coaches with pro ties after hiring Pete Carroll from the NFL and basketball coaches with NBA ties including Henry Bibby, Rick Majerus and Tim Floyd in men's basketball and most recently Michael Cooper for the women's job.

Theus would also be a key hire in L.A. as a former actor and someone who possesses an engaging personality. Theus also has strong ties in the L.A. youth basketball community.

I'm not sure what the whole actor angle has to do with anything...but OK.

I haven't spent any time looking at Theus' record but I have read where some have criticized his time as an NBA coach. I am not going to get excited or disappointed until a hire is made and until I have read all the information out there.

Feel free to offer up your opinions...but I think this is pretty much a done deal.