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Conquest Chronicles Links for June 16th

Lots of things today as we also look at things outside of USC...

USC Basketball and its related news

USC basketball recruit Williams granted his release - LA Daily News
A mere formality at this point...


The Other Side - Inside USC with Scott Wolf
This could be a case of "watch out what you wish for"...

Trash Talk: USC is actually a dream job! - Fan Zone- NBC sports
USC has all the right things to make it a "dream job" right now...Maybe.

What is the word on Dixon?

Andy Katz: Dixon should be expecting a call from USC - ESPN
The latest list of coaching candidates...

Pittsburgh Coach Jamie Dixon surfaces with tweets | Los Angeles Times
Let the cryptic messages begin...I don't think we have a chance but what the heck...

DeRozan to Toronto?

SBNation NBA Mock Draft, Pick #9: Toronto Raptors - Ridiculous Upside
DeRozan to Toronto??

Some general college news

These are interesting

Her Loyal Sons " Time May Be Running Out For ND To Beat Pete Carroll
mKay!, ND can't beat him so the best they can hope for is that PC leaves....

Gator spin doctors nip, tuck, exacerbate - Dr. Saturday
Holly has a nice take here...

This is cool, though UA fans might not think so - Pac-10 - ESPN
Is this like a win a date type of thing??

Texas Is Tops in Sports Revenue -- NCAA Football FanHouse
Big Bucks Baby!!

Maryland Drops Recruitment of Lance Stephenson - Arizona Desert Swarm
Hey! Think we can get him??.............Kidding!

A few things on ucla...

WSU Football Blog: Spring Fish Wrap - UCLA Neuheisel's Edition
Some good analysis on the program across town

Warner says UCLA unlikely - Inside UCLA with Brian Dohn
Hey Look! Skippy only has three more to run off!

Put this under the title of WTF!!!

Deuce of Davenport |New Sport: Air Sex World Championship