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Ed.Note...A reader informed me that this isn't a column but a letter to the editor. My mistake, so I changed the title and some of the content. Regardless, it is still misinformed and it paints a fan base (one that is pretty knowledgeable) in a bad light for not knowing enough about a subject before "sounding off". I am surprised that published me its tantamount to endorsing the position taken in the letter. - P

This is the second piece like this I have seen come out of in the past week.(emphasis added)

However, to be put on three years' probation seems extreme to me, especially considering the University of Southern California and its "friends" allegedly paid extreme amounts of money to Reggie Bush and his family (and no telling how many others) and nothing has been done by the NCAA about this.


I can certainly understand some 'Bama fans wondering just what the NCAA is doing considering they just got nailed for infractions that occurred while they were still on probation from another set of infractions. We have no beef with the Alabama fan base or their football program. In fact most USC fans respect Alabama football and their history in the sport more than any other SEC team. USC and Alabama have strong ties in the sport.

NO WHERE has it been written or reported that USC gave money to Reggie Bush's parents. This was not a booster, something that Alabama knows a lot about, lining the pockets of players with $100-dollar handshakes. It has been well documented that this was a would-be agent that entered into an agreement with Bush's parents. When Reggie knew and what Reggie received and when he received it it still not known. It doesn't take a genius figure that the reason that NCAA hasn't acted is because they don't have enough to go on. That would include school involvement. The fact that the NCAA wants to see Reggie's deposition (whenever that happens) before handing down their ruling is evidence enough to show that NCAA's investigation on the Bush matter is dead in the water.

3 years? Right...