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Louis Johnson's book

There has been some speculation about whether or not Louis Johnson would write a book. I don't know how I missed this article from last year. But it would appear that Johnson has a literary agent, I wish I knew about it a few weeks ago. I did not get a chance to check out all the links in Maize n Brew's great piece today until this evening.

Oh well, better late than never...

But Johnson said his book is not intended to disparage Mayo.

Contrary to popular belief, the book won't be a salacious expose indicting Mayo or telling a sordid tale about agents and runners. Although there will be some anecdotes about what happened during his time with Mayo, the book will focus on Johnson's life and tackle subjects much broader than basketball.

"It is a bit of a misconception that it's going to be some sort of dirty tell-all about OJ. Mayo," said Michael Psaltis, Johnson's literary agent. "Certainly his experience with O.J. that is a part of it, but the story is really Louis Johnson's memoir.

"This is going to show the life of a guy who doesn't think O.J. did anything wrong and why you can't blame the kids; you've got to fix the system. It's a story about a guy who came from a similar background as O.J., got himself out of that situation, became a reporter and made some bad choices with his life."

Not that we didn't already know it but his intentions to write OJ's Biography could easily turn into a smear campaign.

For the betterment of society right? Yeah yeah yeah...blah blah blah.

HT: Maize n Brew