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Conquest Chronicles Links for June 11th

There are some interesting articles here today...especially one by Bill Plaschke. I think he makes a number of very valid point in regards to AD Mike Garrett

More Tim Floyd fall out...

USC's lack of leadership during hard times is revealing - Los Angeles Times
Here is Plaschke's take...This needed to be written! (I will have more on this later)

USC basketball: Players ‘distraught,’ recruits ‘nervous’ - USC -
I feel for these guys right now

Doug Gottlieb: Another way to look at the USC situation - ESPN
College Basketball Experts Blog on

O.J. Mayo, Rodney Guillory deal cost Tim Floyd his career - Seth Davis -
Seth Davis has a good take

Analysis: 10 questions in the wake of Tim Floyd's resignation - ESPN
In the wake of Tim Floyd's resignation at USC, three of our college basketball insiders -- Andy Katz, Dana O'Neil and Pat Forde -- give their rapid-fire reaction to the news and analyze what this all means.

Clay Matthews News

Hamstring limits Matthews' practice time | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Stanley has new roommate...

Meet Stanley Havili’s new roommate - USC -

Mark_Sanchez" class="sbn-auto-link">Mark Sanchez signs with the NY Jets

Jets and Sanchez Reach Deal on Contract - The Fifth Down Blog -

Scott Wolf on the radio

Wolf Audio from PMS 6/10