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Around the Net...Tim Floyd's potential replacements and other interesting reads

This really needed its own post as the speculation is all over the map. And there are also a couple of good reads out there. So here is another set of interesting links on the Floyd resignation.

After Floyd, USC's Top 5 Candidates -- NCAA Basketball FanHouse
It's June, a.k.a., a terrible time to find a quality basketball coach. But that will be USC's task after Tim Floyd's sudden resignation Tuesday...

Could Tim Floyd's Resignation Further Weaken the WCC? - The Slipper Still Fits
Could St. Mary's Randy Bennett be next-in-line at USC?

Billy Gillispie To USC? - I Am The 12th Man
Tim Floyd's resignation opens the door for Billy Clyde to become the next basketball coach at USC.

USC basketball: Questions linger after fall of Floyd - USC -
Michael Lev also has some interesting questions and thoughts.

The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Who is to Blame for Cheating? - A Sea Of Blue
Nice read here from SBN's Kentucky Wildcats blog.