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Conquest Chronicles Links for June 10th

So what will we talk about today??? I will have a write-up on Floyd a little later...

Reactions to Tim Floyd's resignation

USC basketball coach Floyd submits his resignation - LA Daily News

USC hoops to fall hard after Floyd's resignation - Jeff Goodman FOX Sports

Action/reaction: Floyd quits, USC’s fate - Jon Wilner
Some interesting thoughts here...

One-and-done Mayo costs Floyd reputation, job - Garry Parrish
Tim Floyd resigns as USC coach, a month after allegations he paid to help steer O.J. Mayo to the program.

USC must prepare for a long rebuilding - Mike DeCourcy
Sporting News: The Southern California Trojans as we've known them the past three seasons are no more.

USC basketball should be resigned to its fate - Los Angeles Times
Tim Floyd submitted his resignation Tuesday and Athletic Director Mike Garrett accepted it so fast he probably got a paper cut snapping it out of the fax machine.

Tim Floyd's resignation is as fishy as his recruiting techniques - The Dagg... - NCAA Hoops -
For you conspiracy theorists out there

USC's Hackett backs ex-Coach Tim Floyd | The Fabulous Forum | Los Angeles Times

USC hoops recruits will attract attention - Burlison's World
Recruiting impact

Who could fill the job (its premature yet but the speculation is always interesting)

Jamie Dixon had better get ready for USC phone calls | The Fabulous Forum | Los Angeles Times
In case you didn't see it...

The March to Madness: With Floyd Gone, Is Dixon the Next Coach for USC?
Now that Tim Floyd has resigned, where does USC turn to find a coach for its embattled program?

USC's answer to basketball coach might be up the street | The Fabulous Forum | Los Angeles Times

Lakers assistants talk about USC job ... sort of | The Fabulous Forum | Los Angeles Times

Misc. CFB News

Huskies | Quarterback Nick Montana commits to UW | Seattle Times Newspaper
Sarkisian Bags a big one... 6/8 Roundtable - Where Would You Coach?
Fiutak is at it again...

USC Track News

USC track and field has no 'I' in its team - Press-Telegram

Did I miss anything??