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Mens Volleyball Championship Thread

So here we go!

SC faces #1 UC Irvine tonight for all the marbles.

There is a nice write-up in today's LAT about the Volleyball team and Coach Bill Ferguson.

During his first four seasons heading UC Irvine's men's volleyball program, John Speraw often was the first coach to call top recruits.

But three years ago, after Bill Ferguson became USC's head coach, Speraw got a surprise when he dialed prospects.

"That first year, when Fergie took over, I was the second guy," Speraw said. "I knew that we had a lot to deal with. I knew that was going to be an issue.

"They've upped the ante on the recruiting side, and they're seeing the results."

Red-hot USC will try to continue its season-ending streak today when the Trojans play Irvine in the NCAA championship match at Provo, Utah.

These guys have really gelled from what I have read. They have beat UCI before so this is not an insurmountable task.

The Match is on ESPN2 at 7pm EST. I think the guys can keep it going!

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