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Will the Pac-10 move away from the round-robin schedule?

Some interesting news coming out of the recently concluded Pac-10 meetings.

Form Bob Condotta...

Muldoon also said that the major issue for the football coaches was recommending that the conference go away from the round-robin schedule of playing each of the other nine conference teams, which was implemented in 2006, and instead playing just eight conference games. Muldoon said the primary reason for wanting to go back to the eight-game schedule is so it would be easier for more conference teams to get bowl eligible.

Big mistake...HUGE!

The round-robin is the one thing that the Pac-10 can point to that shows how tough the Pac-10 can be once the lower tier teams get better. Dropping one conference game will allow teams to schedule other bottom feeders just to pad the record with "easy" wins. The Pac-10's problem is exposure. Incoming Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott needs to work on getting better TV contracts and better bowl affiliations NOT padding Schedules with patsies.

If it happens it will be disappointing to say the least