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Track and Field pulls off the sweep

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend...

It looks like it was great week weekend for USC athletics With the Ladies Rowing team beating ucla. The Mens Volleyball team beat Pepperdine to reach the Final Four.

Both of those victories is a big deal but not as much as Track and Field.

Both the Trojans men's and women's teams defeated UCLA, 92-71 and 93-70, respectively, at Loker Stadium on Saturday -- the first time both squads vanquished the Bruins in the same dual meet. The rivalry has reached 76 meets on the men's side, but the women's series dates to 1984.

"I don't think we ever had a team all the way across the board compete like this," Alice said. "We had some great ones in my 15 years, but never in a dual meet."

Track and Field is tougher for USC to dominate in because of Scholarships and Tuition. Wolf makes an excellent observation.

Because track scholarships are often split in half, it costs an athlete much more to go to USC and makes it much harder to sign recruits and field a deep team for meets like today.

And the numbers bear that out with the USC women beating ucla for only the second time in 15 years and third time in 15 years on the men's side. It should not surprise anyone that ucla has a better overall track program because of the cost of tuition.

Of course no good deed goes unpunished...

Despite the frustration, UCLA women's Coach Jeanette Bolden felt satisfied with the Bruins taking first in nine events. She didn't show much concern about the USC women beating UCLA for the second straight year after a 15-year winless drought.

"They have a while before they catch our record," Bolden said of her team's 21-5 all-time mark. "We know they won the last two years. But I also know we won the last 15 years before that."

Not surprising that she wants to live in the past...what is it with some ucla (and Domer) faithful that can't let go of the past?

it also seems that some of the ucla mens sprinters got caught counting their chickens before they hatched.

When USC sprinter Ahmad Rashad was disqualified for false starts in the UCLA-USC dual meet 100-meter dash Saturday afternoon, the Bruins made no effort to disguise their joy.

"They started celebrating, they were high-fiving," Trojans sprinter Matthew Palmer said.

In a meet where the Trojans had little margin for error, the disqualification of Rashad, the 2007 Pac-10 100 champion, could have been devastating.

"You could feel the momentum switch," Palmer said.

Palmer, whose four years at USC have been marked by injury and disappointment, switched it right back, crashing the Bruins' premature celebration with an upset 10.50-second victory that proved to be the turning point for a Trojans men's victory and a historical afternoon for college track and field's most storied rivalry.

And there you go...could it be that they thought they had it in the bag?

Anyway, Congrats to all our victorious Trojans this past weekend!