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About that Notre Dame Sense of Entitlement

As, I explained here...

And just like that they come through in the clutch to back it up! (via CFB Talk)

"Next year we are supposed to play Notre Dame," Anderson said. "But we haven't closed a deal on a venue. Right now, anything is possible."

Anything? So could the series' first game be played at the new Yankee Stadium? Anderson didn't dismiss the idea.

"Wouldn't that be great if there is a chance to play in Yankee Stadium?" Anderson said.

He also said he hasn't spoken with Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick on the possibility of playing at the new ballpark in the Bronx.

Swarbrick told The New York Times on Wednesday that Notre Dame has been in contact with the Yankees about playing games there.

"He hasn't talked to me about it," Anderson said. "I guess he's negotiating in the newspaper."

Anderson said that for a game to be played at Yankee Stadium, he would need to negotiate with Army's opponents to move some games.

"It's concerning that Notre Dame's athletic director would put something like that out without talking to me first to see what's on my schedule," Anderson said.

Anderson added, "It's shocking for anybody to be talking about us playing in Yankee Stadium. The other thing is that it's alarming to learn about this from anybody but the Yankees. If there was going to be a football game and Army was playing in it, wouldn't a release be going out by the Yankees?"

Swarbrick could not be reached for comment.

Really? No kidding...

Not surprising at all, I mean we should all bow down to Notre Dame because like they are the bestest thing going around!