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It isn't all about the USC Defense...

The Wall Street Journal of all places has some nice quick analysis on USC's (and the rest of the Pac-10's) Offensive line experience.


Now what is interesting here is that some of the tougher Pac-10 opponents on SC's schedule next season are towards the bottom of the list. USC's D Line could have a monster year. More intriguing is that tOSU is in the middle of the pack in the Big 10. Now, thay have Michigan transfer Justin Boren playing this season (I completely forgot about him) but the rest of their O line is pretty inexperienced. The only problem I have with this list is that it lists starts which could be a little misleading. Starts are nice but percentage of major playing time is better.

Of note, I like how the WSJ has ND's O line as "Led By Sam Young". Yeah like he has done anything of note since he turned down the opportunity to play at SC.

Its going to be an interesting year...