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Cushing to "take action" against website for erronious report

Good for him!

Click through this link to get to PFT for their whole write-up which I refuse to link to.

In a Thursday interview with ESPN 1530 in Austin, Texans linebacker Brian Cushing said that he’ll “take action toward” for its erroneous report that Cushing tested positive at the Scouting Combine for steroids.

That action could include a letter from a lawyer demanding a settlement, and it could include a lawsuit.

Cushing explained that, with the draft over, the next step will be to address the April 2 report from

“I’m pretty tired of everything happening with all these supposed rumors [and] people trying to tarnish my reputation,” Cushing said. “I’m not sure what happened. I don’t know if it’s my playing attitude [or] people just don’t like how I handle myself. But you know that’s too bad for them.”

I think you will see this happen more and more...players will take an aggressive stand against these types of false reports and with the resourses they have they have money to burn.

This is why I will never be the first one to report a story...let the big boys get egg on their face first if they are wrong.