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Gregg Doyel has a short memory

I wasn't going to give Gregg Doyel's latest rant any attention but something caught my eye.

Doyel has lit what little hair he has left on fire to once again rail against USC by calling them dirtiest combination of college football and college basketball programs. The problem with Doyel's piece is that SC has yet to be punished or sanctioned and nothing has yet to be proven. He has had a public axe to grind against Tim Floyd for a number of years so his bias is front and center.

But where Doyel, a university of Florida Alum, loses all credibility is his apparent amnesia about his own Alma Mater...

< blockquote>

The University of Florida football and basketball programs were placed on two years' probation by the National Collegiate Athletic Association today, but escaped more serious penalties that could have shut them down altogether.

It was the second time in six years the N.C.A.A. imposed sanctions on the Gators, who had faced the possibility of a two-year death penalty, which would mean suspension of the programs, for repeat violations.

Instead, the latest penalties were relatively light. In 1984, the football program got two years' probation, lost scholarships and was banned from appearing in post-season games and on live television.

Something about glass houses comes to mind.

SC hasn't even been officially charged by the NCAA and Doyel wants to call them the dirtiest, meanwhile his alma mater has their history of prior bad acts with the NCAA. Yes, it was in 1990 but dirt is dirt. I find it amazing that he seemed to forget FSU football and all the other issues they had and continue to have.

Having a selective memory is not a good thing Gregg, it takes away your objectivity.

He is just another hater jumping on the bandwagon.