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A different Louis Johnson angle

Here is an interesting read from Fox Sports

Apparently, there is some sort of book in Los Angeles called Shakedown 101, because the masses are reading it to make money off of USC's athletes. The latest reader, Louis Johnson, a former sportswriter for the Long Beach Press-Telegram and BFF of O.J. Mayo, has hired an entertainment attorney and is in the process of writing a tell-all book about Mayo, according to The Orange County Register. Sound familiar?

Johnson, who has a previous arrest for cocaine distribution as well as a cocaine conviction, is now shopping around for a publisher. Johnson's attorney, Jeff Silberman, claims that Johnson has no motivations other than "to fix the system and avoid exploitation of future athletes and not in any way to hurt O.J."

Oh. And let's not forget making six figures off of a book, either. Does this sound familiar? Players not only have to contend with greedy sports agents, but their own greedy friends, as well.

The similarities between Reggie Bush and Mayo's stories are striking. Both players severed ties with some friends and those friends expected to make some money off of the players' professional contracts, both players were allegedly getting perks by sports agents, both accusers have had convictions on their rap sheets and both of them have, or will have, written a book. This has "shakedown" and "publicity stunt" written all over it.

Everyone is in it for a buck.

I have always found it intriguing that the very people that aided in breaking the rules now all of a sudden want to be the white knight as soon as the gravytrain came crashing to a halt. If they had stayed in the good graces of those that they now have turned would they be as benevolent as they claim to be today??