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2009 USC Coaches Tour

Hat Tip to TrojanWire. (I am borrowing their whole post)

If you want more information on the 2009 USC Coaches Tour featuring Pete Carroll and Tim Floyd click here and here. The tour will take place in California. These are the dates and locations:

Wednesday, May 27 • Irvine
Friday, May 29 • Indian Wells
Monday, June 1 • Pasadena
Thursday, June 4 • Bay Area (Burlingame)
Monday, June 8 • San Diego
Wednesday, June 10 • Manhattan Beach
Thursday, June 11 • Westlake Village

The evening will include cocktails, dinner, a silent auction and Q&A with both coaches. Proceeds from the event will go to the Mario Danelo Endowed Scholarship and the Ryan Francis Endowed Scholarship.

You can also call the USC Athletic Development at (213) 740-4155 for more information.

Too bad they won't be coming to NYC