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Ted Millers take on the USC QB Competition

Interesting comments from Ted Miller's blog regarding Corp vs. Barkley.

Who will be the starting quarterback for USC at the end of the season? (5,385 votes)

My take: Disagree

Disclaimer: I didn't get to go to USC's spring practices this year, so I didn't get mesmerized by Barkley's 'Matt Stafford Who?' arm. What I do know is Corp has two HUGE advantages: 1. he doesn't make mistakes -- see just one interception all of spring; 2. he's fast. Not just quarterback fast -- fast, fast. I'm imagining that ability to 1. avoid bad plays; 2. turn bad plays into good plays (any USC fans recall a fella by the name of Vince Young?) will earn Corp the job.

I think he makes some good observations here though the lack of INT's during spring to me is meaningless. Booty had a spring like that one season and he still threw some bad picks (excluding Stanford because of a broken finger).

I still don't see barkley starting but his play in spring ball definitely made a lot of take notice. Sometimes that half the fun...speculation.