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Report: Hackett to enter NBA...will sign with agent

Now, this news isn't shocking but it is a bit perplexing.

USC junior guard Daniel Hackett will declare for the draft and sign with ASM sports, agent Andrew Vye told on Wednesday night.

Hackett is the second USC player to officially enter the draft Wednesday. Freshman DeMar DeRozan told the Orange County Register that he declared. He said that he was 50-50 on whether to sign with an agent and stay in the draft. USC junior Taj Gibson is also considering entering but hasn't made a public decision yet.

What is odd here is that even though its early yet, Hackett's projection in the draft is a bit of a question mark. On the one hand the conventional wisdom seems to be that Hackett is a combo guard where on the other he isn't an NBA caliber player. The other thought is that because of his Italian roots Hackett would probably end up playing in Europe.

The one thing to keep in mind is that there is a bit of a numbers crunch in regards to available schollies. Hackett is taking a non-scholarship roster spot but if Tim Floyd wants to land all of the players he wants for next season he needs to come up with the roster spots and playing time for the new recruits.

One thing is for sure...its going to be an interesting off-season.