Two Quick SC Hoops Notes

From Scott Wolf:

Leaving: DeMar DeRozan
Staying: Taj Gibson

That's the latest from a source within the program.

This news along with the post by Paragon earlier I think pretty much makes it official. Can't say I begrudge Demar too much and I wish him the best of luck in the NBA. However, if the team can return everyone else, USC will be in great shape to have a historical type season next year (think a potential conference championship and elite eight or better in the tourney). Then again, there have been some odd rumblings about Daniel Hackett going pro, which would be a very tough blow.

Also, today Mark Trakh "resigned" from his job as the head coach of USC women's basketball. Trakh had done an excellent job recruiting for the Troans, bringing in a number of McDonald's All Americans, but a combination of untimely inuries and mediocre coaching resulted in one too many dissappointing seasons. If the athletic department can find a good coach then the talent is already in place to hit the ground running. Fun Fact: USC has two national championships in women's basketball, and two of the sports most famous players (Lisa Leslie and Cheryl Miller) were Trojans.

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