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Some final thoughts on Tim Floyd staying at USC

I have read all the articles and message board chatter in regards to Tim Floyd staying at USC. There is a lot of emotion out there regardless of which side you fall on.

Floyd may be sincere today in his wanting to stay but a mere few days ago there were a lot of people scratching their heads and teeing off on the message boards wondering why he was considering leaving, especially after he told his players to stay. Mike Garrett isn't the easiest person to deal with, I know that first hand, so it would not surprise me if there was some friction between him and Floyd but there has to be a way to get more butts in the seats at the Galen Center. Floyd has done his part, even if during the season a lot of fans were pissed with some of the results.

Floyd has done something that no other coach has done at USC and he used it as a bargaining chip.

Regardless of your position, Floyd staying at USC is probably the best thing for the program. It provides a level of consistency, it validates the programs progress and it shows that USC is serious about basketball. Thats a big deal as it shows that USC is committed to building its basketball program.

Floyd made some interesting observations at his press conference...

“I have heard the terms ‘football school,’ ‘basketball school,’ and when we took the job we talked about trying to become what Florida was — a school that plays great basketball and great football.”

Floyd proceeded to rattle off several others — Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State — that fit that description. He sees no reason USC can’t reach that level by the time he’s finished.

“We are on the cusp of trying to get that accomplished,” Floyd said. “You don’t do that in one, two, three years — you do it over time. You have to build it over years, and hopefully Mike (Garrett) will give us the time to get that established here.”

Very few schools excel at both major sports with any level of consistency (I realize that "consistency" is subject to scrutiny but that's for another time) and its clear that SC wants to get to that level.

I have said it before and I will say it again...warts and all Tim Floyd has raised the stature of the program. I haven't been thrilled with some of his recruiting and the Guillory/Mayo thing is on his watch but he has found a way to make the pundits take notice of the program. Floyd has a long way to go before he can match the levels of success that people throw around in regards to Arizona and ucla but you have to start somewhere.

Guys like Floyd have big egos and they want to be recognized not an after thought. USC needs to find a way to fill the Galen Center. Floyd has planted his flag, now the fans that are in LA need to support his efforts by getting to Galen to fill it up. God knows if I was in L.A. I would be there.

A lot of people wanted Floyd to stay...they got their wish now they need to support the program like they never have before.