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Dienhart = Clueless

So USC has 21 players drafted in the the past two years and all some people want to do is say Pete Carroll has underacheived...

Tom Dienhart is the latest fool.

Over the weekend, the Trojans paced all schools with 11 players selected in the NFL draft. Since the 2005 draft, the Trojans lead the nation with 43 players selected.

While that's an amazing amount of talent, realize that over that five-season span, USC has won just one national championship - in 2004.

The Trojans played for the BCS title after the 2005 season but lost to Texas, and monumental upsets in the regular season have killed USC each of the past three seasons.

In 2006, losses at Oregon State and UCLA were USC's undoing. In 2007, USC was dumped at home by 41-point underdog Stanford in the greatest upset in college football history; the Trojans also lost at Oregon. Last year, the Trojans were stunned at Oregon State when Beavers true freshman tailback Jacquizz Rodgers ran for 186 yards and two TDs against a USC defense that had eight players drafted over the weekend.


Well, obviously Dienhart has his SEC shades on.

This is the same old argument packaged differently or as I like to say... you can spray paint dog s**t and make it look pretty but it's still dog s**t underneath.

The fact is with all the fellating that the traditional media has done over the SEC and Big -12 this past season the argument is clearly apples and oranges. Again, Florida loses at home to Ole Miss, granted a better Ole Miss than we have seen in the past, but then they beat up on the Citadel. Now there is some competiton... Meanwhile, Oregon St, who 7 players drafted in this years draft, had pretty decent season was the only team to beat USC. USC and UF lose the same weekend, USC plays a complete round robin within the conference and they are punished for it.

I will take Pete Carroll's record any day of the week over anything ANYBODY inthe SEC does for the obvious reason he continues to put out the best product in the Pac-10. Cal and Oregon field some nice teams but they still aren't even close. The Arizona and Washington schools? Right, keep dreamin' Huckleberry.

Then you have the clowns from across town who make the Keystone Cops look organized. They love to nit pick what Pete Carroll does but you know damn well they sell their soul for just a sliver of the success that we have. Don't let their holier than thou act fool you. Slick Rick it would appear can't find an offense with both hands and a flash light. The cavalry is coming? Sure it is...their QB will once again get the light bulb only see the lights when you are on your back...

The system is broken and while I am not totally thrilled about a play-off it seems to be the only way to settle it. The SEC may had a better draft in 2009 in regards to an over all conference result but not one single school in the SEC comes close to what SC does in the draft year in and year out. There is no question that the SEC has some fine players and programs but very few play a pro style set. You can love Tebow all you want but if tries to play his game in the pros he will get drilled.

The spread is dead in the NFL.

Idiots like Dienhart are part of the problem...they build a program up and then tear it down to make their point. Tressel is the only one who gets my respect because he puts a lot of players into the draft as well. Not Jabba, not Urban and not even Mack Brown do it as consistantly as Pete Carroll does. Maybe Saban but he is still just getting his sea legs in Tuscaloosa.

So the debate rages on...I would love to have another crystal ball or two but that's the way it goes.

I couldn't be happier with what we have...