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Pac-10/Big-12 Hardwood Series

It was announced yesterday that USC will play Nebraska at home and Texas in Austin next season.

Both UCLA and USC will have home games this year in the Big 12 / Pac-10 Hardwood Series, a set of college basketball games between schools in the two conferences.

This is the third year of the series that began in the 2007-08 season.

The majority of the games are scheduled for December 3-6, with three taking place outside the four-day series window. The matchups are new for 2009, after two straight campaigns of the same home-and-away meetings. In 2010, the contests will be return games from this year and take place from December 2-5.

Here is the full schedule...

Sunday, November 29
Nebraska at USC

Thursday, December 3
Washington at Texas Tech
USC at Texas
Baylor at Arizona State

Friday, December 4
Colorado at Oregon State

Saturday, December 5
Oregon at Missouri
Iowa State at California
Washington State at Kansas State

Sunday, December 6
Kansas at UCLA
Arizona at Oklahoma

Wednesday, December 16
Oklahoma State at Stanford

Tuesday, December 22
Texas A&M at Washington