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How Corp was named the starter...

With all the attention given to Matt Barkley during spring ball a lot of people wondered what Aaron Corp was up to. There were complaints that he was too tentative and that he relied too much on hos running ability. Barkley on the other hand (probably knowing that he really had no shot) assumed the gunslinger role and threw caution to the wind...why not? I never thought he had a shot so he had nothing to lose...

But with that being said the real reason that Corp was named starter really had nothing to do with his play making it was more about his intangibles.

The most valuable lesson Aaron Corp has learned in his two years as a USC quarterback was not found between the covers of his playbook. That's saying something, because Corp's knowledge of the Trojans' offense is the vehicle he has ridden to the front of the three-man race to replace Mark Sanchez.

"He knows everything," quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates said last week. "He can get in and out of the huddle, take care of the other 10 players, get them in the right position. He understands all the progressions. His mind is working extremely fast right now. He knows 1-2-3 and he can get to four and five."

Throughout spring practice, Corp made his reads, put the ball where only his color jerseys could catch it and obeyed the first rule of quarterbacks and physicians: Do no harm.

In fact, when head coach Pete Carroll announced April 21 that Corp would start the spring game and enter fall practice on the first team, Corp had not thrown an interception in any of 13 spring practices.

Its always the little things...

Sure not throwing a pick is important but it is just as important to know everybody's role and position at any given moment.

Barkley is the heir apparent but he isn't there yet. Corp has three years in the system so it is not surprising that he was named starter. With all the weapons on offense Corp knowing everyone's role will be key to making the transition as smooth as possible. He will make his mistakes but he is also in a great position to settle in at the helm.