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Taking NYC by Storm!

Mark Sanchez is making the rounds around the Big Apple...

Mark Sanchez stepped on the mound, reached back and fired a high, slow pitch well outside the strike zone. He'd fit right into the Mets' starting rotation.

The new Jets quarterback threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Mets' game against the Florida Marlins on Monday night at Citi Field, two days after the Jets took him with the fifth overall pick in the NFL Draft.

"It was a lobber," Sanchez said. "I played it pretty conservatively. I was told that if I bounced it, I'd get booed right out of here, so I played it cautious."

There were no boos from the crowd, only a loud ovation. Sanchez signed autographs in front of the stands next to the Mets' dugout before the game and was serenaded with chants of "J-E-T-S! Let's go Jets!"

Good for him! He should enjoy every opportunity because it won't be this way forever.