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Renardo Sidney shaky on his commitment?

It would appear that the commitment of Renardo Sidney to USC is now in doubt. There was rumor, since confirmed, that Sidney and his family were at Miss. St. this past weekend.

The 6-foot-10 Sidney committed to the Trojans earlier this year and was positioned to sign a letter of intent as news came last week from a family spokesman that the player had posted a "passing" SAT score that still requires passing grades in 16 core classes for NCAA approval.

The Sidney family and Mississippi State officials failed to immediately return messages left by The Times.

If Sidney did pass his SAT so why not sign his letter of intent?

I have read elsewhere that this has a lot to do with Mike Garrett. It would appear that Garrett might be a little gun shy about some of Sidney's alleged "baggage" part of which is wheather or not Sidney would even qualify. I don't know and I really don't care. if the kid doesn't want to be here then that's fine but lets not waste another minute dwelling on it.

If the rumors are true that Garrett has some concenrs my only question would then be...what took so long. If there are "issues" then any due diligence would have flushed them out long before an offer was made and SC could have focused on other players. This same sort of head in the sand approach is how we ended up with the Mayo mess. Before anyone wants to throw out the NCAA "clearing" Mayo I would ask this question... If its that important why would you rely on the word of another? FInd out the facts for yourself.

That USC reportedly had to have an attorney present when Garrett met with Sidney's family screams volumes to me.

Whatever happens, happens. I really don't have an opinion either way but I do think that if Garrett is the one behind this he is way late coming to the table in deciding how to handle these issues. This should have been addressed a long time ago and it would appear that his indecision cost us Solomon Hill as well.

one step forward thre steps back...