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The World Has Been Inverted

Man it has been a crazy past half a day or so with all of the Tim Floyd rumors and I just read the most amazing thing on Bruins Nation. Seriously, you'll need a friend to scrape your jaw off of the floor. Check it out:

You must keep in mind that Dixon is a Southern California native; he starred at Sherman Oaks' Notre Dame High School. He only ended up in Pittsburgh because he followed his mentor, Howland, to Western Pennsylvania. The word is: Dixon would love to come home.

Dixon to USC creates a quandary for UCLA fans. The most obvious issue is that Dixon is a very good coach who will have a much better chance of Floyd of challenging UCLA's stature in Southern California and in the Pac 10. But in another way, that's the least of our quandary. If we want to win national titles, then we can't let a little thing like SC getting a coach we respect get in our way.

Aahhh, there's the rub. If SC hires Dixon, UCLA fans will be sort of forced to respect the Trojan hoops progam in a way we'd rather not. It's easier to dismiss them as a good, upset minded program that poses no real threat. With Howland protege Dixon there, UCLA fans might be forced to give them their due.

I think this is like the second sign of the apocalypse or something, having a BNer say that they might be forced to respect USC in the future is beyond my normal conception of what is possible in reality. Kudos to Achilles though, well reasoned and interesting article. To be sure, I would have absolutely no problem with SC hiring Jamie Dixon, but since the world is probably coming to an end I guess I'll just see you all on the other side.