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Tim Floyd to UA Reset

So here is what is known since last night. Based on what I have read in various places it seems that is some hedging going on. No deal has been finalized yet.

The LAT gives us a little more in regards to just what has been going on.

Tim Floyd, who took USC's basketball program to new heights, was offered the Arizona job Wednesday, a source familiar with the situation said.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous as he was not authorized to speak about the situation, said that Floyd met with Arizona Athletic Director Jim Livengood and was offered the position. Floyd is believed to have 24 hours to make a decision.

Arizona asked for permission to speak with Floyd on Tuesday. At the team banquet that night, Floyd gave an impassioned speech to players about staying at USC to win a national title, and not jumping to the NBA. He flew off to interview at Arizona on Wednesday.

"Arizona called me and asked for permission. I gave them permission to talk to him," USC Athletic Director Mike Garrett said. "I know that was in the process."

Asked if he had spoken to Floyd, Garrett said, "He'll come to me and tell me what he's decided. That's how it works."

Its not surprising that UA asked for permission to speak to Floyd...what I think is surprising is the speed at how fast things started to roll and that by the time Floyd got on the plane back to Los Angeles the clock was ticking.

So, he has 24 hours to make a decision but without knowing all of the particulars its hard really see which this could go. It's clear that SC knew Floyd was a potential candidate when UA asked for permission to speak with Floyd but what may have blindsided them was how fast UA and Floyd hooked up to put us where we are today. It was just Tuesday night that Floyd was talking at the USC Basketball Banquet about winning a title at USC so its confusing to say the least that the very next day he is negotiating with UA.

There is no question that Floyd has done a great job of elevating the stature of the basketball program at USC but basketball will always play second fiddle to football. At UA Floyd would be, at least initially, the man. He would be at the helm of the one sport at UA that gets the most recognition. He would have a packed house for every home game and complete support from the university. At USC the Galen Center is always half full and a good portion of the fan base uses basketball as hobby between football seasons. There are some die hard basketball fans at USC but they are out numbered 3-1 in comparison to football.

As I said last night there could be a silver lining here if he does go but I will worry about that when it actually happens. This could be gamesmanship by Floyd to secure a longer more lucrative contract from USC, that wouldn't surprise me in the least. On the other hand Floyd may see that he will never get the support that the football team gets and his stock has never been higher so why not chart your own path?

I won't get too worked up about it until it is officially announced that he is leaving.