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The other shoe falls...Smith and Diarra won't be back

I wrote yesterday that Wolf reported Tim Floyd said that there coulfd be 2 other players that could be leaving the program...Well, Wolf is reporting that Donte Smith and Mamadou Diarra are the two players moving on. (this was also noted in the comments in the below post)

USC basketball players Donte Smith and Mamadou Diarra are not expected to return next season, according to sources.

Smith, a sophomore guard from Pomona, is expected to transfer to a Division II school. He averaged 9.7 minutes per game last season and scored 2.3 points per game. Diarra, a 7-foot freshman forward, is considering playing professionally in France. He appeared in 12 games and averaged 2.8minutes and 0.7 points.

USC coach Tim Floyd said Saturday he expected two players to leave but did not identify them.

"We've probably got another couple guys (who could leave)," Floyd said. "Something may happen."

I have no idea what Floyd is thinking so I will just wait until all the dust has settled until I make any judgment. I mean could the off season go any further off the reservation?

I can see the Taj, DeMar and Hackett heading out (though I'm not sure Daniel is headed to the NBA) but I would be interested as to the reasons why Smith and Diarra left. I realize that Diarra was hardly a factor on the team but Smith some time so is was this voluntary?

With Solomon Hill switching his commitment back to UA I am completely befuddled as to which direction this team is headed next year. It would seem that Floyd's little sojourn to Arizona may have made some of his players and recruits take a second look at his loyalty to the program and we still don't know if Sidney has qualified yet.

It's going to get interesting...