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Paterno still not over the loss to USC in the Rose Bowl

While most of us have moved on form last years season it would appear that Joe Paterno is still pretty upset over Penn. St's loss in the Rose Bowl.

Nearly three months after USC handled Penn State 38-24 in the Rose Bowl, Lee and Clark believe Paterno is not yet over the defeat.

Not that surprising, right?

"Jay [Paterno, the quarterbacks coach] told me that Joe was really upset about that game," Clark said Friday.

"He thought that we gave them the game. ... That game is still bothering Joe."

"We didn't play well, we didn't coach well," Paterno said prior to putting PSU through its second spring practice. The Lions worked without pads.

"I think we can do better."

And Lee said it was Paterno who set the tone for PSU's winter workouts. Rather than take a week off following the bowl game, Paterno and his players went right back to work.

"The way we lost ... especially in the first half, we didn't play like we had all year," said Lee, referring to USC's 31-7 lead at halftime. "We were a better team than we showed.

I can empathize, JoPa is like Pete Carroll, he is a competitor...Pete Carroll took a while to get over the Texas loss so I am not surprised that the loss still stings.

Hang in there will get better.