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Michigan State holds off USC 74-69

AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt

Here is the Box Score

For me it's hard to be upset with this game. With the way the season went and how SC made it into the tournament when most of us left the team for dead I have a hard time getting upset with this loss...the string couldn't last forever

MSU did exactly what we knew they would do. They controlled the boards and they were able to rotate in some depth when a couple of their guys got into foul trouble. There were a couple of times where SC fell asleep on defense but for the most part they hung in there.

As I said in the game thread I was not unhappy with how this game was called. There were a couple of phantom calls and few no calls near the end but for the most part the officials did a pretty good job. No game is ever called perfectly.

I was terribly disappointed that Taj could not break out from Suton who pretty much bottled him up when he was in the game. I really didn't see Floyd calling a bad game. SC had their chances and they did have the lead a few times but MSU was hot from beyond the arc and they had some decent touch around the paint, they had a lot of shots fall. SC on the other hand only hit 1-of-10 from 3-point range. They were better from the charity stripe

Lewis was great to ight with 19 points while DeRozan had a pretty good game scoring 18 points but his presence was not as prononced as it was in the game against BC. Again, without Taj we had little inside presence but that we almost pulled this one out without Taj's numbers is testament to this teams grittiness.

So that's it, an interesting season to say the least. There were some definite high point but there were also a lot nights where there was some gnashing of teeth. I'm pretty sure DeRozan is gone probably Taj too though he still needs some work.

We'll have more on that as the off season moves along but for now a tip of the hat to the team and the staff for making the later part of the season fun and interesting. Leave your comments and rants here...this is our seaon ending post game thread.