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Josh Southern's Bulletin Board Material...and some other notes

Earlier this week I posted that BC's Josh Southern had made some comments about USC that sit very well... (emphasis added)

The Eagles were boosted by quality wins over North Carolina and Duke, but the team has had it's fair shair of struggles this season, losing to Ivy Leage team Harvard -- at home. Which is why it might sound a little strange to hear sophomore forward Josh Southern pointing out USC's deficiencies.

"I know that they have some athleticism, but maybe they're lacking a little toughness," Southern said. "We have some toughness on this team and we've demonstrated that over the course of the season."

Fair points, possibly. USC won the Pac-10 tournament, but had one less win than BC's 22 this season. So, if Southern were to stop there, one would understand. But looking past the Trojans would open up a can of worms.

"I'm glad we're a 7 seed and I'll get a chance to meet Michigan State, I think," Southern said. "I'm from Michigan so that's going to be a pleasure to play them, so I'm looking forward to it."

Really? Lacking some toughness? I especially liked that he was looking forward to MSU...damn shame for him.

Southern thought the comments weren't all that big a deal.

A reporter pointed out to Southern that it sounded as if he was guaranteeing a win against USC. He denied that what he said was a guarantee -- just positive thinking.

"Not really guaranteeing," Southern said. "I just try to be positive and speak positive."

"Not trying to be

Yeah...well...seems there were a few guys on the other team who thought differently.

Taj Gibson's battle with Boston College center Josh Southern started before either jockeyed for position in the post during Friday's first-round NCAA Tournament game at the Metrodome.

Gibson read an East Coast report in which Southern described USC as having "a little more athleticism, a little more finesse."

Southern also said his Eagles were "tough." Gibson took that as a stab at USC's toughness, and the article was posted in the locker room.

The 10th-seeded Trojans were plenty tough Friday as they played a stifling defense, which held the Eagles to 32.7 percent shooting from the field and led to dunks and easy baskets. Gibson made all 10 of his shots and missed only one of five free throws en route to a game-high 24 points in USC's 72-55 comeback victory against BC.

For the life of me I can never understand how some players can make comments and think that it won't come back to haunt them. Especially in the era of instant connectivity. Many thought that the Pac-10 looked thin, but the other way of looking at it was that there are a lot of good teams and that they beat each other up.

Marcus Simmons and Dwight Lewis never let BC's Tyrese Rice get into a rhythm and it hurt BC bad with Rice scoring only 9 points, 7 in the first 6 minutes of the 1st half with his last two points coming late in the 2nd half. Talk about thet tag team of Simmons and Lewis clamping down! I wasn't sure how SC would adjust to the flex/motion offense but once they got going in the second half you could see they figured it out, or more accurately just wore BC down.

SC has the hot hand right now. I'm not sure how that will pan out against MSU tomorrow, who seemed to dispatch Robert Morris U with relative ease, but you have keep the riding the wave for as long as you can. And until SC gives me a reason that they will totally collapse I see no reason to not think that they can keep it up.

It wasn't the prettiest game but it got the job done though Adam Maya of the OCR thinks SC's run is coming to an end...

That first half shows the Trojans still are late sometimes with their defensive close outs on the perimeter and it burns them … What does it mean when your offense’s best quality is that its “athletic”? … I love how Gibson and Hackett are wired to think “Team” first, second and third … Marcus Johnson needs to figure out his role now … USC’s defense is very good but not great … DeRozan’s best quality might be his willingness to rebound (think about it) … How long can the Trojans survive playing just six players? … Kailin Lucas, meet Marcus Simmons … USC is not a Sweet 16 team.

I haven't read anything on MSU yet so I am not sure how they will match up. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.