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LAT's Chris Foster gets ahead of himself

USC hasn't even played its first tournament game of the this NCAA tourney and Foster is already wondering who will be around next year...

There are few certainties about tonight's NCAA tournament first-round game between USC (21-12) and Boston College (22-11), which seems a match right down to the teams' red-and-yellow outfits.

And for USC, the questions will extend beyond the game. Win or lose, the Trojans are not sure who will be back for more next season.

A few Trojans will face the should-I-stay-or-should-I-go decision. They enter the tournament with a five-game winning streak, produced by a coalition that has filled specific roles -- Marcus Simmons likely drawing the toughest chore tonight: trying to contain Eagles guard Tyrese Rice.

"We stuck together when things were tough," USC forward Taj Gibson said.

How long they remain together is to be seen.

Jeez Chris, can we get through tonight and/or beyond before worrying about next season?

Christ, I finally get a chance to see some decent games and he wants close the book on the season.

I have no idea who is going to be around next season and until those decisions are made I am not going to be worrying about it. Of course Foster also wonders if Floyd will bolt for another job, as Alabama is mentioned in the article. I am not even thinking that far ahead...can we get past BC first.

I get it this time of the year the season can end in the blink of an eye but I want to savor what SC has accomplished the couple of weeks before I start wondering about next season...

I am on the road to DC today but I will have a game thread up and hope fully some other thoughts about tonight's gema later on today.