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LETS DANCE!!!!!!!!


Talk about digging down deep...

They looked tired early. ASU was making all their shots. Harden and Pendergraph were a deadly 1-2 punch.

But USC never gave up.

My voice is horse, my hands hurt from so much clapping and I think I pissed my neighbors off by screaming out my front door.

Talk about living and dying with a team...the past 3 days of these games took their toll but it was well worth it.

DeMar DeRozan was the player of the game but Taj was the player of the tournament. How much money do you think DeRozan made tonight if he leaves school. What about Taj? He certainly made a strong impression.

So lets get to it...count me as one of those who thought this team had zero chance to get to the tourney let alone win the Pac-10 Tournament Championship Game. Losing 3 of their last 6 and 6 of their last 9 regular season games in my eyes pretty much sealed SC's fate. Turnovers, poor free throw shooting and an inability to to close games down the stretch left a lot of us complaining and questioning the coaching and leadership of this team.

There are still some issues but right now we need to celebrate this teams accomplishment of coming out of no where to win the tournament and get to the dance. USC is heading to the Big Dance for the third straight year and they have won 20 or mor games 3 stright years as well.

An unbelievable accomplishment to say the least...and we should celebrate it!

this is our post game thread. Have at it!