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Pac-10 Tournament Championship Open Thread...USC vs. ASU

Photo Credit: The Daily News

I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised to see USC in a position to win the Pac-10 Tournament tonight. Win and we're in. Lose and who knows.

Mt biggest concern is a letdown after two solid games, one against the crosstown rival. SC has the advantage of playing at home while trying to keep the momentum going. It isn't going to be easy as ASU is very good team but SC has beaten them once this season at Galen. Of course we all remeber the game in Tempe so hopefully Tim Floyd can use that as some motivation.

SC needs to improve their control of the ball. They have way too many turnovers and the free throw shooting is atrocious. Another concern is inbounding the bal when they under the full court press. That was painful to watch and it gave ucla a chance to get back and with the game.

This ones for all the marbles. I should be on thread midway through the 1st half as my plans for today have changed.

Leave your comments and rants here. I think we have a shot!