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USC comes to a listless UCLA 65-55

Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

Talk about throwing everything including the kitchen sink at a game to get the win!

I just finished watching the game on my DVR and I can say with confidence that if the team had played with this sort of passion during the season against ucla their possible trip to the NCAA would never have been in doubt. I really thought SC would come out flat after last nights game against Cal but they really played focused.

Now this wasn't a pretty game but it sure was effective.

Here is the one stat that really stands out...

Field Goals: USC 23-45 (51%) ucla 19-70 (27%).


It was like ucla was some JV team out there. There is no question USC wanted it more. ucla appeared to be disinterested and looking for easy win to just cruise into the big dance.

This win gives SC the chance but they are not there yet...

The powers that be in college basketball have convened in Indianapolis to contemplate, discuss and otherwise haggle over putting March Madness in order, bracket-wise.

And USC is giving them a little more to ponder.

With a 65-55 upset victory over 15th-ranked UCLA in the semifinals of the Pac-10 tournament late Friday night, the Trojans put themselves squarely on the bubble, one step closer to sneaking into the NCAA tournament.

They can seal the deal with a victory in the championship game against Arizona State this afternoon. And even if they lose, they could strengthen their case for an at-large bid with a good showing.

Dohn has a little more...

USC (20-12) might have played itself into the 65-team NCAA field even if is falls to Arizona State. The Trojans finished tied for fifth in the Pac-10 with bubble-sitter Arizona. The Wildcats and Trojans split the season series, and the Wildcats were knocked out in the opening round of the Pac-10 tournament.

Tim Floyd showed why he can be a great coach...he inspired his players to play a stifling defense albeit against an uninspired ucla team that never seemed to get it going. Collison was not effective and was really out of it with his injury, he had 4 points and like 7 turnovers. And what was Howland thinking by keeping Dragovic in there to guard DeRozan? That was a real head scratcher. DeRozan schooled him.

Speaking of DeRozan, he was an absolute stud out there. Lewis provided an early spark with two quick 3's and Taj had a big game on the boards.

This ucla team showed us a number of times this year that they can be beat and they sure looked pedestrian last night. SC was very aggressive right out of the gate and they had to be. Lose and the season is over. Win and they are back into the discussion but by no means a lock for the tourney.

SC still has trouble making foul shots. That really has to change.

SC will be looking for some redemption after that nightmare in Tempe. Don't think that Tim Floyd doesn't want that game back.

I will have the thread up later but I will be friends watching the game.

A greAt win thats for sure!