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Recruiting SEC Style

Funny story coming out of NBC regarding Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin and South Carolina commit Alshon Jeffery.

Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin made Florida supporters angry when he incorrectly called Urban Meyer a cheater. And now the Vols coach has said something that will rile South Carolina fans and coach Steve Spurrier, ESPN reported.

Trying to lure wide receiver Alshon Jeffery to Tennessee, Kiffin said Feb. 3, the eve of signing day, that if Jeffery went to South Carolina, he would end up pumping gas for the rest of his life like everyone else who played for the Gamecocks, ESPN reported.

"He said it, but it's not worth talking about," Jeffrey said, ESPN reported.

Kiffin and USC coach Pete Carroll both furiously tried to sway Jeffery from attending South Carolina, calling him until 3 a.m., ESPN reported. He had committed early on to the Trojans before switching to the Gamecocks, ESPN reported.

Jeffery stayed in a hotel with his high school coach in Orangeburg, S.C., on the eve of signing day to stay away from the hype, ESPN reported.

Walter Wilson, Jeffery's football coach, also heard Kiffin's comments on speaker phone but wasn't as upset, ESPN reported.

Too funny!

I see Kiffin has jumped into the fray with both feet.

I think its safe to say that he and Spurrier won't be trading Christmas cards in the near future.

There were a few nice words about Pete Carroll as well...

You should have heard coach Carroll. He was wide awake at 3 o'clock in the morning. Remember, he was on West Coast time and fighting to get Alshon to the very end.

Not surprising...PC never quits!