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Pac 10 Roundtable: Tentative Decisions

1. B-Ball: It is probably not going to happen this year, but how long until you think OSU will be competitive and make a tourney or two?

It seems pretty clear by now that Robinson was a good hire for the Beavers, but I have to wonder if they'll have enough talent to make it to the tournament in the near future. Judging by the eligibility of their current players and recruits coming in next year, I really doubt it happens in the next two years. Even then, I think they would need a really great recruiting class next year for that to happen, so I'm going to say that I think the earliest it would happen would be in year five. It sure would have helped to keep Mike Moser at home though. but it is probably fair to say that they're at least competitive now.

2. Four Pac-10 schools have first-year head coaches this season. At the halfway point of the Pac-10 season, it seems as if OSU's Craig Robinson is faring the best. How long do you think he stays in Corvallis?

Let's run down all of the first year coaches:

Craig Robinson: He'll be with OSU as long as we demonstrates upward momentum in either wins/losses or in recruiting. Its hard for me to imagine that too many basketball coaches view Corvallis as a dream destination, so I can't see exactly who the school would go after even if they did get rid of Robinson:

Mike Montgomery: Do I really need to write anything here? Montgomery is almost legendary for the incredible job he did at Stanford, and he has already greatly imporved California despite the loss of two NBA draft picks. He'll probably be there as long as he wants.

Johnny Dawkins: This one is interesting. Stanford is playing better than many expected this year, but next year the team once again faces some major attrition in the form of three senior starters. Its kind of difficult to call this one, so I say wait and see for a year or two.

Russ Pennell: Haha, no way he stays past this season. Adios amigo.

3. Which one football recruit in your schools incoming class has a chance to make an impact for your team next season?

Considering that the best pass rusher graduated, and that no player really stepped up and locked down the position, I have to think that Devon Kennard will have a chance to come in and play some very meaningful minutes this upcoming season. If he lives up to the hype it might partially ease the pain of not having a true "Elephant" player like Clay Matthews this season.

4.Grade your university's hoops team based on pre-season expectations... What went right? What went horribly wrong? What has been surprising?

Based on everything up to this point I would give USC a B. I originally thought that Trojans would finish 3rd and have a chance to make a run at the conference title. Well it seems unlikely that they will be conference champions, which is somewhat dissappointing, but the team could still easily finish 3rd with a good shot at finishing second. If anythig went wrong it has to be all of the personnel issues that seem to plague USC; lack of a true pointt, inconsistent shooting, injury/illness, and elegibility. But at the same time Floyd has managed to overcome these many issues to build a winning group. So yeah, a B is about right.

5. College baseball has gotten a lot more pub the last few years from national media outlets. The upcoming season will mark the first time in 26 years that the Pac-10 will actually have 10 teams competing in baseball. Tell us why you are happy to see Oregon fielding a baseball team for the 2009 season!

I have to be honest, I'm just not that big of a baseball fan. Sure its fun to make it out to a park now and then to catch a game, but in general it just does not. Add to that the fact that SC baseball today does not really live up to its legacy in the past, and you can kind of see where some of the apathy stems from. Regardless, if Oregon has as many uniform combinations in baseball as they do in football then I'll be sure to watch a game or two. Also, if anyone adds anything interesting or substantial about Pac 10 baseball in the comments I'll append it to the bottom of this question and give credit where credit is due.