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National Letter of Intent Day Open Thread

Well it could be a banner day for USC but it has been a surprising morning already with Alshon Jeffery staying close to home and headed to South Carolina.

Lots of rumors out there we'll do our best to keep up...

Byron Moore is reported to be coming to USC. Now that was a long roller coaster with him glad to have him back in the fold! That is the smart move, he will do so much better at USC than at ND.

[02/04/09 11:10 AM EST ]
According to USCRipsIt, as of 11 Eastern, there are five signed letters in and cleared:

  • Devon Kennard (DE)
  • Kevin Greene (DE)
  • De’Von Flournoy (WR)
  • John Martinez (OL)
  • Torin Harris (DB)

More updates as we spot them.

[02/04/09 11:28 AM EST ]

Marquis Simmons (LB) is on board. Depending on the source, it's noted that his brother Melvin played for SC in 2002 - 2003, and his brother Maurice signed with SC last year (before taking an involuntary commitment to the hoosegow, ahem.)

[02/04/09 11:44 AM EST ]

Frankie Telfort (LB) from Florida has announced he's coming to SC. As discussed previously on CC, Vontaze Burfict has announced that he's going to ASU, which is unfortunate from a quality of name standpoint. While LSU has a commanding lead with the resplendently named Barkevious Mingo, Burfict would have helped on the colorful name front. Oh well.

[02/04/09 11:52 AM EST ]

Byron Moore (DB) makes it official, as do T.J. McDonald (DB) and James Boyd (DE).

[02/04/09 12:01 AM EST]

There is a rumor on Rivals that Xavier Su’a Filo is leaning towards USC. Now that would be a nice pull.

[02/04/09 12:20 AM EST]

Manti Te'o pick Notre Dame! Unbelievable! Wow! Thinking about it more it makes sense. He starts right away at ND, at USC he has some people in front of him and with his intent on taking his mission more playing time up front is a big deal if you are going to be out of football for two years.

[02/04/09 12:23 AM EST]

Jawanza Starling announces that he will attend USC. That's a lot of Safeties!

[02/04/09 12:31 PM EST ]

Kevin Hall (OL) and Patrick Hall (DB) have signed with USC.

[02/04/09 1:30 PM EST]

Jarvis Jones will attend USC THAT is a big deal. He will fill the hole left by Burfict and Te'o That's a nice pull by Pete!

[02/04/09 3:01 PM EST ]

Su'a Filo to UCLA - that's a nice pickup for the Bruins, who are putting together a good class by all appearances.

[Note by DC Trojan, 02/04/09 9:35 PM EST ]

Well perhaps I should have been more polite int he comments: Randall Carroll announced that he's going to UCLA, which is another big pickup for the Bruins. According to the Honolulu Star Bulletin, Simione Vehikite made a last minute decision to stick with his verbal commitment to USC, which is a nice pickup, as he apparently is a good runner and pass blocker as fullback.

In all, not a bad class at all, with some national reach, and players that fit the mold for SC football as it stands today. A couple of losses to UCLA and Manti Te'o going to Notre Dame certainly make it easier for people to say that this wasn't a top class for SC, but I gather that it will still be top five. What's imarguable is how good UCLA's class was, and most of those guys will get right on the playing field. Most regular commentors on this site have been saying that UCLA is 2 - 3 years out from being a real threat, and the first part of that puzzle plainly fell into place today. Now we get to see what both coaching staffs do with all these hotshots.