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Let's Take a Trip Down Memory Lane...

Does anyone else remember this?

Davon Jefferson SLAM over Kevin Love - USC vs UCLA (via VCTrojan)

Going into that game USC was 1-3 in the Pac 10 and things were looking a bit bleak as far as tournament hopes were concerned. This year the Trojans are without Davon Jefferson and OJ Mayo, but they also have a 6-3 mark in conference and are actually in strong contention for a Pac 10 title. These next three games represent the absolute most difficult part of SC's schedule as they must face three very tough teams on the road. But it all begins with the bruins, and a big win on Wednesday night could portend even greater things to come.

Although SC is a bit of an underdog to ucla, they also carry three key advantages that could very well lead them to victory. The first is the team's defense, which is among the best in the country and is actually ranked significantly better than the bruins for the first time in many years. Next, the Trojans have a much superior front court and Taj Gibson will be the best forward/center on the court in the game. Finally USC has just been getting better and better since conference play started and the team has just found a way to win despite alll of the setbacks that have plaqued Floyd's squad this entire season.

So watch that video one more time and take in all of the dejected looks on the ucla players faces and imagine how sweet it could be if SC could pull off another win across town. This time around the Trojans are (mostly) healthy, and now is just as good of a time as any to make a big statement. Game time is less than 24 hours away, so...