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A late 2nd half collapse causes USC to fall to Washington

Laughing Stock will have a complete post-game write-up later today or tomorrow but I wanted throw out a few quick thoughts after last nights game.

Wolf said it best in his story this morning that this is the most important loss for SC this season. SC has the lead with 5 or so minutes to go and they collapse. I have been cruising the the different message boards and the reaction is pretty much the same...

  • We don't have true point guard in Daniel Hackett. I love the kids grit, he gives us everything out there but he was cold at the end of the game. He just didn't look solid last night at the end with 2 missed FT (and he is supposedly the best FT shooter on the team), getting his pocket picked twice (not the best ball handler) and that horrid brick of a 3-point attempt.
  • Dwight Lewis has a problem with handling pressure and his ball handling skills showed that last night. His shot selection is questionable as well with some terrible 3-point atempts.
  • This team just doesn't seem to want it bad enough, they need to play nasty and I am no seeing that.
  • DeMar DeRozan is not NBA ready as he also took some poor shots. Pondexter pretty much contained DeRozan.
  • No rebounding of any substance. UW clobbered SC on both endsDiarra is supposed to be the impact big man in the middle but he never sees the court. That tells me that he his skills are questionable at best and that he is not developing. What did Tim Floyd see in him if he isn't good enough or healthy enough to get on the floor?

I am tired of hearing about injuries. All programs deal with them. If Floyd is going to have to deal with injuries then he should recruit better depth. Miller is a PG who is not good enough to get onto the court but he takes up a schollie. Smith to me still has no identity on this team yet he is another guard taking up a spot. If these guys arent good enought to get some decent minutes then what are they doing on the team. This isn't like the football team where we have 5-star talent stacked to the rafters, this is having players that simply aren't good enought to be on the team taking up valuable roster spots.

Romar made his adjustmnets and Floyd didn't counter him. You have your two starting guards getting into an altercation after last nights much for team chemistry.

SC's not making the tournament its a simple as that. We had these guys beat and we let it get away.

More later....