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Bubble Burst


The season in a snapshot...
AP Photo/Paul Connors

Frustration...that's the only word that comes to mind.

After the ugly loss to ucla it was going to be tough to convince me that SC would make the tournament. When you play your rival you should always have a solid outing. They didn't and to me it exposed a lot.

Tonight was just more of what we have seen so much this season...poor shooting from outside the arc, sloppy turnovers and a tough time penetrating the middle. I saw way too much passing and not enough attacking the basket.

Give ASU credit, they are a solid team and Harden had a great night out there so props to them. They were making shots from the inside and the outside and they were just more consistant all night.

SC made it interessting in the 2nd half at one point taking the lead but once again they couldn't lock it down with poor shooting and turnovers. DeRozan led USC in both points and rebounds but it was like I barely heard his name called all night. Its almost like he is the invisible man out there.

As for the anyone really surprised?

SC lost this game way before that call but it shouldn't surprise anyone that once again the Pac-10 refs have a hard time doing their job. I can see where the call could be considered iffy but as a commenter said in the game thread they didn't even bother to huddle up and make sure the call was correct. They hit Tim Floyd with two T's and they were ready get home.

I was in Meadowlands when Floyd blew his stack when SC played UNC so his firery personality is not a surprise to many of us. Being down 6 points (I think it was 6) with under a minute left and with SC trying to make a run that foul lets all the air out of the balloon and Floyd's fuse is lit.

I just don't see how SC makes the tournament with their lack of depth and continued poor shooting and turnover issues. WIth the Washington shools coming in later this week it is imperative that the team has some solid outings and a sweep. that is the only thing that will get this team back on track. Beating UW would be a big deal but will it be enough...