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Forward Thinking

Interesting observation from Michael Lev from the OCR this morning...

If you look at the class, it’s loaded with speedy, versatile athletes who specialize in one of two disciplines: defending the pass or rushing the quarterback.

“Half of our schedule is wide-open spread offenses,” Carroll said. “We’re always looking for fast guys. We’re always looking for edge players.”

Having lost edge rushers Clay Matthews and Kyle Moore, Carroll strongly suggested that several freshmen will be vying for snaps from the get-go.

“We had to hit that spot big right now,” Carroll said. “We’re still thin there. Guys will be involved in the play time right from the beginning.”

Like it or not the Spread is here to stay so defensive minds need to adjust not only their schemes but also in how they approach their recruiting efforts. pete CArroll has always been about speed but when you ad the versatility that he picked up with class its hard not see that he has a lot options at his disposal.

I realize that these kids won't necessarily hit the ground running as freshman but a lot of these kids will see early playing time becasue of their versatiltiy and that bodes well for the future.

It will be interesti g to see how it all takes shape...