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USC 17 Arizona 21

I feel horrible for our seniors...

But it is hard to be shocked about todays game against Arizona. You could tell early on that the team and the crowd just was not into it. Hard not to imagine why...either way USC was heading to San Diego.

Today's loss capped off a frustrating season. But for some reason I just can't get upset. Expectations were placed too high. USC experience level needs to grow and the coaching needs to improve. Its just hard to be upset when we have accomplished so had to end sometime.

Anyway, where to begin...

The defense played great...they only gave up 7 points in the second half. You can't be upset with them.

On the other hand, the offense...

I have no idea where the play calling came from in the first half. SC came out throwing the ball...A LOT! I am not sure why they didn't balance their game plan with more of a running game.

But who am I?

I am officially off the Bates bandwagon...I am patient person when it comes to these sorts of things. Guys need to adjust and I can accept a few mistakes but this was an experiment that just didn't work. It would be best if Bates went back to the NFL where the play calling is stale and boring. He will thrive there...nothing personal.

As I said after the Stanford game Pete Carroll needs to rethink some things...hopefully he will use his time wisely.

I really can't be upset...I mean Pete Carroll has given us a great run. The run is over, I do not know if we will even do half of what we have accomplished going forward. Things need to change though I hate the thought of more adjustments to next years team in regards to coaching.

So, that is it for now I will have more later.

Feel free to take your shots...this is our post-game thread.