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USC 50 Texas 69

That USC held Texas close for most of the game was surprising. Close being under double digits...SC was down 4 points with around 8 minutes left. Then three guys foul out in succession and that's it.

Texas is definitely not the #2 team in the country. They had some of the worst free throw shooting I have seen in a long time. That will come back to haunt them as the season moves on. How do we know this? Because it was the worst officiated game I have seen in CBB in a long time, SC was getting beat up all night but if SC barely touched a UT player they went to the line. Texas played some solid defense and they pressed SC hard, they took advantage of USC's sloppy play, but they got some cookin' last night, they have their issues as well.

The funny thing is that even with Tim Floyd gone and most of the palyers from last season gone this team looks the same...

Poor F-T shooting and turnovers stand out. This team had a real hard time trying to move the ball against Texas' press. That problem is more troubling when Donte Smith cannot or does not penetrate or set the offense up...he just is not a true PG. Smith is worse on defense.

Stepheson and Vucevic are going to be the key to this team and when we finally get Washington back the front court should be one of the best. Stepheson looked rusty and totally gassed...not surprising as he is only playing in something like his third game since transferring from USC. SC only shot 30% (1 of 10 in 3-point shooting?) but they got some open looks so you can see where things could be great.

I could not believe how many times I saw Marcus Simmons pass up the open shot

Now with all that being said there is not a team in the Pac-10 as good as Texas so things might get a little easier for SC once they get into conference play and get a few more players on the court.

So it is onto Atlanta to face Georgia Tech...