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Emerald Bowl Final...USC 24 - BC 13

Here is the Box Score.

In what was a sporadic first half performance by the defense USC's offense finally came up with the win. The defense had some good showing with a couple of turnovers eventually shutting down BC in the second half but even with Barkley throwing a couple a picks the offense made some great plays.

Stanley Havili had two TD's while Barkley had the other. Damian WIlliams was the player of the game with 190 receiving yards. Allen Bradford had a decent showing with 72 yards rushing on 17 carries.

SC got some gift calls tonight...but I mean heck, it is not like they didn't have some bad calls go against them this season so it all works out in the wash. I know the BC fans are pissed and they should be, but we also know just how they feel.

So what did we learn? Well, SC definitely came to play there was no let down or disinterested looking play but the defensive and offensive lines just didn't perform the way we are used to seeing. Havili had the featured role complimenting D-Will but without McCoy on the field the offense looks different. We will miss D-Will next season...if he doesn't go to the NFL I will be stunned!

This win puts a positive end to a bit of a disappointing season...This team is going to look very different next season. We will discuss that as it comes up...

Anyway, it wasn't the BCS Title game, it wasn't the Rose Bowl but it was a win!

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