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Emerald Bowl Open Thread - USC vs. Boston College (McKnight out Officially)

See Ya' Next Year!!

So, it is finally here...

The final game of a crazy season. Did anyone think we would seen all that we saw this season. We have a number of the pundits picking against SC. Not surprised at all.

The big question is which USC team shows up tonight? The one that we saw early in the season or the one that we saw late in the season? I really don't know. There are a number of underclassmen who may be considering leaving for the NFL so we could be seeing some players for the final time and if that is the case they may play out of their minds to night to add some strong highlights to their tapes.

This game will be an interesting one for USC tonight with a rookie on the O line and a little used TE replacing the ineligible Anthony McCoy. There is still no word on Joe McKnight being able to play...not that I thought he was going to any way, I mean why take the chance?

I look for a fair amount of running the ball to Bradford and Gable. It could be C.J.'s swan song so it would be neat to see him hick some ass tonight and make a strong showing.

So, join us here. Leave you comments questions and rants here.

I hope we make a strong statement tonight!!