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Damian Williams Not Gone Just Yet

While a tweet from ESPN's Bruce Feldman last night indicated that wide receiver Damian Williams was headed off to the NFL, it appears as if the report regarding the fourth-year junior was a bit inaccurate. According to, Williams will be waiting until after the December 26th Emerald Bowl against Boston College to make a decision regarding his status for next season:

The Los Angeles Daily News reported on Tuesday that the team's leading wideout will forgo his senior season. When reached on his cellphone late Tuesday night by, Williams denied that he has made a decision.

"I haven't decided yet,'' Williams said. "Right now I'm just focused on this game and my team. My personal decisions will be addressed after the season."

USC coach Pete Carroll told the newspaper on Tuesday that the option is being weighed.

"There's a lot of indications [he is going pro] because he graduated," he said, according to the Daily News. "We're talking about it. We haven't had a serious meeting yet. His parents have been around here a lot."

While I think it is more than likely the Williams takes off for the NFL following Saturday's contest against Boston College, it is somewhat refreshing to see that he will be making a decision after the completion of the season. The last thing USC needs right now is another off the field distraction regarding an individual player that takes the team's focus away from the bowl game.